A lot got accomplished this week, even if slightly different than originally planned. I was able to create tools for some of my favorite pieces, while getting reacquainted with the German text of Felix Mendelssohn’s Elias. There was also a time to record text demonstrations of the chorales from BWV 245 & about a dozen smaller choral works by Mendelssohn; these will be processed and released next week.

New Releases

Heinrich Schütz – op.7 Musikalische Exequien (SWV279-281)

A literal (word-for-word) translation of this beautiful work is now available for free thru the app, in addition to the already existing IPA transcription.

Mendelssohn – op.70 Elias 

An IPA transcription of the complete text of this monumental work is now available for free thru the app. Scores of each movement are available to subscribers.

J.S. Bach – Motet BWV 229 – Komm, Jesu, komm*

A literal translation, poetic translations, IPA transcription, and text demonstration are available for both the Choral & Aria of this motet. These tools are available for download (not through the app or website) for $2.00* (US) from Payhip.


*Note from Dan Sommer – It pains me, but for reasons beyond my control, not all tools on Sommer Diction can be provided without charge. Hopefully the $2.00 fee is not too restrictive. Thank you for your understanding. 

Looking ahead to next week….

Mendelssohn – Elias:  English Translation of Choral Movement

Mendelssohn – Select Choral Works (6 Sprüche, op.96 – Drei Hymne, Aus tiefer Not) – IPA transcription, literal translation, text demonstrations

Chorales from BWV 245 – Johannes Passion: Recorded text demonstrations (complete text & word-by-word)