Using the App

Over 2500 IPA transcriptions and other learning materials are made available through Sommer Diction App. It is possible to browse by composer or search by composer, poet, title, first line, and opus number. See below for more detailed information on using the app. While there are slight aesthetic differences between the Android & iOS versions of the app, the overall experience and functionality is the same.

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HOME – Displays the learning tools added in the previous week

CATEGORIES – Browse/Sort works by Composer

LATEST – Shows all new works added to the library.

MOST VIEW – Displays most popular works

ALL COURSES – Lists all available works in alphabetical order

HISTORY – Displays individual user browsing history

BOOKMARK – An index of all saved/bookmarked works. IPA transcriptions can be saved for offline use.

FEEDBACK – A form to respectfully submit suggestions and thoughts about the app (This is not publicly viewable).

SETTINGS – Set app preferences such as font, font size, and screen display.

SUBSCRIPTION – Sign up for premium content and to remove ads. (Android users must sign up through this screen). See the Subscription page for more information.

RATE US – If you like using this app please consider rating it so others know!

SHARE – Send this app to your friends and colleagues by SMS, email, or social media.

Accessing the Content

The bulk of the content on Sommer Diction is IPA transcriptions (PDF files), Scores (PDF files), and text demonstrations (mp4). Most works are group by opus number.

Search by composer, poet, title, first line, opus #, or catalog number (BWV, Deutsch, Köchel, SWV, etc). When searching, the complete work or “course” containing the desired title will be displayed. Click on the course to access the desired learning tool. (This search process will be refined in a later version.)

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IPA Transcriptions, translations and scores will load in a PDF viewer. Any demonstration will load in a video play; the video loads automatically but the PLAY button must be pressed. Additionally, the volume on your device must be on (muted devices will not play audio).

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