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Week in Review: June 3 – July 9

Week in Review: June 3 – July 9

A lot got accomplished this week, even if slightly different than originally planned. I was able to create tools for some of my favorite pieces, while getting reacquainted with the German text of Felix Mendelssohn’s Elias. There was also a time to record text demonstrations of the chorales from BWV 245 & about a dozen smaller choral works by Mendelssohn; these will be processed and released next week.

New Releases

Heinrich Schütz – op.7 Musikalische Exequien (SWV279-281)

A literal (word-for-word) translation of this beautiful work is now available for free thru the app, in addition to the already existing IPA transcription.

Mendelssohn – op.70 Elias 

An IPA transcription of the complete text of this monumental work is now available for free thru the app. Scores of each movement are available to subscribers.

J.S. Bach – Motet BWV 229 – Komm, Jesu, komm*

A literal translation, poetic translations, IPA transcription, and text demonstration are available for both the Choral & Aria of this motet. These tools are available for download (not through the app or website) for $2.00* (US) from Payhip.

*Note from Dan Sommer – It pains me, but for reasons beyond my control, not all tools on Sommer Diction can be provided without charge. Hopefully the $2.00 fee is not too restrictive. Thank you for your understanding. 

Looking ahead to next week….

Mendelssohn – Elias:  English Translation of Choral Movement

Mendelssohn – Select Choral Works (6 Sprüche, op.96 – Drei Hymne, Aus tiefer Not) – IPA transcription, literal translation, text demonstrations

Chorales from BWV 245 – Johannes Passion: Recorded text demonstrations (complete text & word-by-word)



Week in Review: June 26 – July 1

Week in Review: June 26 – July 1

New Releases

J.S. Bach

  • BWV 245 – Johannes Passion (St. John Passion)
  • BWV 248 – Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio)

IPA transcriptions of the complete texts of both works are available thru the Sommer Diction mobile app. BWV 245 has movements listed with both Bärenreiter and Peters Edition numbering.

Looking ahead to next week….

  • Spoken demonstrations of the Chorale Texts from BWV 245 – Johannes Passion
  • IPA & Translations of Choral Works by Felix Mendelssohn
Sommer Diction Launches

Sommer Diction Launches

Over 2500 FREE IPA transcriptions of German Art Songs and Choral Works now available on the Sommer Diction mobile app (iOS & Android). Created by musician & coach Daniel Sommer, this project provides free & low-cost diction resources for professional and volunteer musicians. New content added weekly!


  • J.S. Bach: 175+ complete Cantatas
  • Johannes Brahms: 250+ Lieder, Duette, & Choral Works
  • Gustav Mahler: 35+ Lieder
  • Felix Mendelssohn: 100+ Lieder
  • W.A. Mozart: 60+ Lieder & Canons
  • Franz Schubert: 450+ Lieder
  • Robert Schumann: 300+ Lieder
  • Heinrich Schütz: 100+ Solo & Ensemble Works